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5 Benefits Of Wearing A Bum Bag

Being hands-free is a luxury modern life doesn't often grant us. We're constantly gripping our phones or clinging to a cup of coffee. Have you ever thought about what it would be like not to have something glued to the palm of your hand? I'll be the first to admit, I'm constantly forgetting to admire the world around me because I'm too busy paying attention to my material possessions.

Purchasing a woman’s bum bag changed things for me. For the first time in a long time, I unclenched my fists and raised my head to appreciate the world around me. Now, I'm keen to share how buying a bum bag can benefit the lives of men, women and kids around the world.

In this post, I'm sharing just five of the ways investing in a bum bag can transform your lifestyle and outlook on life.

bum bag

1. Ideal for days out

You don't want to be juggling items or grappling with handbag straps on a fun day out. A day out is for adventuring and exploring. Rather than fretting about the whereabouts of your belongings, you should be absorbing beautiful surroundings and immersing yourself in new experiences. A bum bag will free you of whatever is holding you back from fully involving yourself in the day's activities. Slip your essentials into your bum bag, secure it around your waist and enjoy your day.

Bum Bags are a popular choice for festivals, with men, women and kids. Festivals are often a place of vibrancy and excitement. Many of us choose to style our outfits in accordance with the energetic atmosphere. A bum bag is a perfect accessory for unleashing your inner stylist. Pick out a floral ditsy print women's bum bag for that boho-inspired festival. Choose an eye-catching print with colourful sea creatures or cats and secure a kid's bum bag around your little one's waist. And pick out something slightly more subdued for the masculine men in your life.

No matter your age, style or activity, a bum bag keeps your belongings safe whilst you focus on making the most out of your day out.

bum bag

2. Kids won’t lose their belongings


We all know that children significantly increase our load. Luckily, a kid's bum bag can help you distribute the weight. If you're bored with being your kid's personal handbag, purchase a bum bag for them.

A kid's bumbag increases your child's responsibility. Show your children that they need to care for their belongings instead of relying on you all the time. The bumbag is the perfect accessory to make this step because of the added security. The adjustable waist buckle means you can secure your kid's bum bag around their waist and not have to worry about them losing or leaving anything behind.

The best way to encourage your child to wear their kid's bum bag is by purchasing a bumbag with a fun print or pattern on it. Kids bum bags with cute animalscolourful cars or pretty plants are ideal for convincing your children to start looking after their belongings.

kids bum bag

3. Inspire you to downsize and only carry the essentials

How many of us are carrying unnecessary items “just in case" we happen to need them? Let's be honest. I never used that pad of paper or that mini sewing kit I insisted on carrying around with me. When I started using my women's bum bag, I said goodbye to all those random items I didn't need. I downsized, and now I only carry the essentials. The days of lugging around a heavy handbag are behind me. And as a result, I feel freer. I’m excited to face any unexpected adventures that come my way. I lightened my load and got more out of life as a result.

bum bag

4. Style and substance

When I spoke to the boys in my life about carrying a man's bum bag, I received a mixed response. Some agreed with me and said men's bum bags were a trendy accessory. Whilst others claimed they were fine weighing down their pockets with loose change and car keys. However, after showing them pictures of Matthew McConaughey wearing his bum bag on a day out with his kids and stylishly sporting the bum bag on the red carpet, they started to have second thoughts.

Once I let them try my women's bum bag on, we were all in agreement; bum bags provide style and substance. Designer bags might look nice, but how often are they a practical purchase? Not very often. In comparison, the bum bag delivers in both fashion and functionality. I've sent my friends links to men's bumbags, and they're already styling their outfits to match their new purchase!

bum bag

5. Become a planet-pleaser with Eco-chic’s recycled bum bags

If our reasons for purchasing bum bags for kids, women and men weren't enough, how about our final point? You can buy planet-pleasing bum bags. Fashion is no longer just about practicality and style. We have the environment to consider too. By purchasing an Eco-chic recycled plastic bum bag, you're reducing plastic waste, contributing to a circular economy and staying stylish whilst reducing your carbon footprint. What could be better than that?

To find out about Eco Chic's lightweight, waterproof and durable bum bags, click here. All bum bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and suited to men, women and kids!

Bum bags are every season's must-have accessory. If you're young or old, male or female, there's a bum bag waiting to assist you on your next adventure. Whether you’re taking a trip to the shops or a popular music festival, your bum bag will carry your load and whisk your worries away. Make your bum bag even better by purchasing an eco-friendly bum bag. With an eco-chic recycled plastic bum bag, you can improve your lifestyle whilst helping the planet—it's a win-win situation!

Rebel against the modern world and go hand free with a bum bag. Life is more enjoyable when you live without one eye constantly seeking out your mobile phone and house keys. With a bum bag, you can keep your things close whilst letting your mind wander. We promise once you've experienced a hands-free, planet-pleasing bum bag, you'll never look back!

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