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5 Sustainable Christmas Gifts Your Friends And Family Will Love

The festive season is rapidly approaching, and the well organised among us are already planning gifts for under the tree.

While Christmas is, without a doubt, the most magical time of the year, it isn't the most eco-friendly. According to Biffa, we produce around thirty percent more waste over the festive period. And not only are we creating rubbish from excess food, packaging and decorations, we're also contributing to ongoing consumer problems. The consumerist nature of our favourite season means many of us spend the months preceding Christmas buying unnecessary gifts and items for the festivities. In pursuit of showing our loved ones how much they mean to us, we can often buy gifts they don't want or need. Just like all goods, these items have a lifespan we should consider before purchasing.

Buying sustainable and eco-friendly items can help us give gifts with less of an impact. This season why not prioritise buying practical, sustainable gifts your family and friends will love and use? Here are our top five eco-friendly gift ideas.

An Eco-friendly bag upgrade

Whether you're buying for a student, a workaholic, or someone who loves adventuring outdoors, a bag is always a practical gift. Pick from a sturdy backpack, a foldable shopping bag or an insulated lunch bag.

We've all got that friend who always forgets their bag and ends up with mountains of plastic bags in their kitchen. And I'm sure you know someone constantly moaning about the money they spend eating lunch out? Consider this Christmas the perfect opportunity to help them reform these bad habits.

Instead of eating out and contributing plastic and paper waste, your friend can enjoy a healthy and nutritious lunch brought from home and kept fresh in an insulated lunch bag. And give your plastic bag-hoarding best friend no more excuses. With a foldable reusable bag, they can keep their shopping bag in their purse or car, ready for when they do their weekly shop. Finally, if you're not sure which bag is the best gift to give, we recommend opting for a backpack. The spacious design and robust material of Eco Chic’s recycled plastic backpacks makes them perfect for an array of activities.


Reusable coffee cup

Keep their drink (and fingertips!) warm on those cold winter mornings with a Reusable coffee cup. Nothing says winter like a hot chocolate whilst you wait for the car to de-ice or piping hot coffee to wake you on those dark mornings.

Treat your friends to a fun and eco-friendly reusable coffee cup. Pick a design you think they’ll love and throw in a couple of sachets of their favourite hot drink. Trust us, their taste buds will be thankful for such a delicious sustainable gift!

Eco Chic's reusable coffee cups are even more eco-friendly as they’re made from three recycled plastic water bottles. Not only can you help your friends save money on the morning coffee run, but you can help reduce plastic and paper waste at the same time!

Re-wearable Snood

We've got their hot beverage sorted, their new backpack is brimming with daily essentials, but there's still a bitter chill in the air.

A snood is the warmest way to stay COVID safe this season. The soft fabric stops any abrasive chills tickling your neck, and the elastic ear loops mean the snood can rest securely over the mouth and nose.

If you've got a friend who is always cold, or someone worried about the spread of coronavirus during winter (perhaps both!), a snood is an ideal gift. Pick from Christmas-inspired tartan, eloquent green peonies or another of Eco Chic's one of a kind designs

Rather than continuing to use single-use facemasks and investing in a new scarf every winter, your loved one can make the most out of a two-in-one re-wearable snood.

Gift an experience

The number one sustainable Christmas gift comes without packaging and material. Gifting an experience has sentimental value and doesn't contribute to unnecessary waste production. You could organise a camping trip, plan a holiday or spend the day exploring a museum. Memories are the greatest gift of all, and with a gifted experience, you can create more magical moments with those you love. And don’t forget to bring your sustainable accessories—you never know if you’re going to need your mini umbrella or rain poncho on your grand adventure!

Sustainable stocking

Pick your favourite Eco Chic design and put together a sustainable stocking filled with eco-friendly gifts.

Why not pair a bee foldable shopping bag with a thermal bottle and mini umbrella for your busy bee friend who's always on the go? If you have a cat-lover in your life, I’m sure they’d appreciate a selection of sustainable accessories in the popular cat design.

Take your stocking one step further and fill a recycled plastic backpack with eco-friendly gifts. If you’ve got a friend who loves to hike, fill a wild birds recycled plastic backpack with a thermal water bottle and picnic blanket. Not only is this a ready-made kit for their next stint out in nature, but the design also matches their favourite pastime!

This festive season, consider the impact your presents have on the planet. Buying gifts your friends and family love and the planet appreciates too is the first step in having an eco-friendly Christmas.

With so many bright and bold patterns to choose from, and an array of sustainable gifts, your eco-friendly Christmas gift potential is endless at Eco Chic! From the busy worker to the outdoor adventurer, everyone needs planet-pleasing, eco-friendly accessories in their lives, and that’s what makes them the perfect Christmas gifts!

To get ahead on your Christmas shopping and view Eco Chic’s full range of eco-friendly accessories.

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