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6 Good Reasons to Use A Thermal Travel Coffee Mug

Coffee is an essential part of most of our days. I don't know about you, but my morning routine isn't complete without a hot drink. And on those days when I'm running late, I rely on my thermal coffee cup to keep my drink warm during my commute. Whether I'm taking a green tea from home or picking up a chai latte from my local coffee shop, I'm never without my trusty travel mug. And it’s not just my taste buds that are benefiting from using an insulated coffee cup, I’m saving money, protecting the planet, and keeping myself energised. In this blog post, we’re sharing six good reasons to use a travel coffee mug.

thermal coffee cup




Reduce Plastic and Paper Waste

Did you know, in the UK alone, 2.5 billion coffee cups end up in landfills? Single-use coffee cups are created using cardboard and plastic. Paper isn't suitable for retaining liquid alone, therefore coffee cups are lined with polythene. This plastic barrier retains moisture, helping keep your beverage warm and stopping leakages. Although these cups might do an okay job at keeping your coffee warm and secure, they have a profound impact on the environment.

Once we've enjoyed our hot beverage, these materials make their way to landfills, where they pollute the environment and release harmful gases as they break down. Not all coffee cups are recyclable, and those that are require a lengthy and expensive process. The combination of plastic and paper means the cup needs to be separated before recycling. Due to this complex undertaking, the majority of cups still end up in landfills.          

By stopping using throw-away coffee cups, we can significantly reduce the amount of plastic and paper polluting the environment. If we have coffee five days a week, we can save five coffee cups worth of plastic and paper just by using a reusable travel mug!        

Avoid Spillages

Paper cups are notorious for spillages. From soggy bottoms to loose lids, you're never safe with a throw-away cup. Not only do you run the risk of losing your drink, but there's also the hazard of getting hot liquid on you or those around you. Using a thermal coffee mug with a secure lid is the safest option for travelling with hot drinks.

thermal travel mug

Keep Your Drinks Hotter For Longer

Heat retention is a number one priority when it comes to coffee cups. We want our drinks to stay hot or cold for as long as possible. No one enjoys a cold hot chocolate and nobody wants a warm iced tea! Good insulation is imperative when it comes to the materials and structure of our coffee cups. Using an insulated reusable coffee cup means you can have perfect temperature beverages every time.

thermal coffee cup

When you purchase your insulated travel mug, make sure it’s made using a good insulation material. For example, our thermal cups are made from quality stainless steel. The two skins of stainless steel forms a vacuum to keep your drinks at their optimum temperature. In comparison, a single-use coffee cup made from plastic and paper isn’t going to have the same insulating properties. Using a throw-away cup means running the risk of your drink being cold by the time you reach your destination!


They’re Ideal for Outside Adventures

In winter, hot caffeine is necessary for all outdoor adventures. Long walks in nature or Christmas shopping on the high street are much more enjoyable when we're alert and not freezing cold! This season, brave the cold and be prepared. Make sure you've got an insulated coffee cup brimming with your favourite warm beverage before leaving the house. This drink will warm your fingertips and soothe your throat on those unbearably chilly days.


Stop Buying Coffee Out and Save Money

There's nothing nicer than grabbing a coffee and having a catch-up with a friend. I try to get out at least once a week to chin-wag over a latte with my best friend. And I can't forget the three coffees I picked up mid-week on my way to the office (I know I’m not the only one…). If I'm honest, coffee is one of my biggest monthly expenses. Whether I’m having a classic soymilk latte or a festive chai with extra syrup, I can’t help myself! It’s rare you’ll see me outside without a beverage in hand. Although I'm not willing to say goodbye to caffeine, I am ready to stop splashing the cash. 

thermal travel mug

After purchasing my Eco Chic Thermal Coffee Cup, I promised myself all coffees have to be made at home. And once I’d invested in some syrups and more coffee beans than anyone could ever need, I became my own at-home barista. Now, I do one monthly shop for all my hot drink essentials (caramel syrup is essential, right?) and save over £15 a week!


If you’re ready to stop spending your money on overpriced drinks, start creating your hot beverages at home and drink them on the go using a travel mug. No matter how tempting those festive beverages are, saving money always tastes better!

Upgrade Your Accessories with A Cute Travel Mug

A reusable travel mug provides both style and substance. Instead of clutching a polystyrene cup between your hands as you brave the streets during winter, why not upgrade your coffee cup with a cute and stylish reusable design? Match your coffee cup to your mini umbrella for the ultimate winter ensemble. Or purchase a matching thermos flask water bottle and thermal cup to add to your seamlessly stylish travel drinkware collection.

 There are endless advantages to using a reusable coffee cup. From saving the planet to always having a hot beverage on the go, using a travel mug can revolutionise your life. If you're ready to stop spending too much in your local coffee chain and protect the planet from plastic waste, why not treat yourself to a stylish insulated coffee cup? View the full range of Eco Chic's planet-pleasing thermal coffee cups here.

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