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7 Benefits Of A Thermal Coffee Cup

Hot drinks are an essential part of the cold months. Whether you’re enjoying a hot chocolate whilst Christmas shopping or trying to pep yourself up before work with a coffee, there’s rarely a moment in winter when you’re not drinking a warm drink. Having a thermal coffee cup makes your hot beverage habits cheaper, more sustainable and a better experience. Let’s explore the seven benefits of owning a thermal coffee cup!

1. Saves you time

How many times have you been five minutes late to work because the queue at your local coffee shop was too long? It might only be five minutes, but that time adds up. And people are probably starting to notice when you rush through the door, flustered with a paper coffee cup in hand. In addition to upsetting your boss and giving your colleagues something to gossip about, this isn't a productive start to your working day. Is standing in line with twenty other exhausted office workers, desperately waiting for the first hit of caffeine before running to work how you envisage a healthy morning routine? We're betting no.

 thermal coffee cup

How about waking up, getting ready for the morning and making yourself a coffee in your thermal coffee mug before strolling to work on a crisp cold morning? Save yourself the time and hassle of bargaining with your barista and fending off other coffee-hungry workers, and start your morning at a slower pace, thanks to your thermal coffee cup.

2. Saves you money

Not only does your daily coffee shop run take up a portion of your day, but it probably costs you a fortune too. If you're spending £3 on a hot drink every weekday morning, that's £15 a week! In comparison, a thermal coffee cup from Eco Chic is just £19.99, and you can pick up your favourite beverage from the supermarket for the price it costs for one ready-made drink! Instead of spending money daily to maintain your drinks habit, you can make one long-lasting investment and add a few extra tea bags or coffee granules to your weekly shop. Purchasing a thermal coffee cup is the easiest and most efficient way to reduce your weekly spending.

3. Durability

There's nothing worse than a flimsy paper coffee cup on a stressful morning. Just when everything seems to be going wrong, you’re handed a cup with a broken lid or insufficient insulation that burns your hands as you try to take your final sips. Instead of hedging your bets every time you buy a coffee, guarantee yourself a good morning with a thermal coffee cup. Unlike the paper alternative, thermal coffee cups are high-quality, promising durability and an enjoyable drinking experience.

4. Leakproof

Not only is a thermal coffee cup better quality, but it's also leakproof. Have you ever drank a coffee on a rainy and windy morning? Let me tell you, the cardboard soon goes soggy, the bottom of your cup begins to collapse, and you're left with the coffee dripping out onto your hands. And if you're lucky enough to have a coffee cup that stays intact, the wind is likely to get the best of you, causing your hot drink to splash out the sides. Avoid unexpected leakage with a thermal coffee cup. Expertly designed with a secure top and drinking flap that shuts tight, you'll never have to worry about leaks whilst enjoying your drink again.

5. Sustainable

Did you know sixteen billion paper cups are used for coffee every year? Manufacturing these cups requires millions of trees, gallons of water and massive amounts of energy. In addition to this, the majority of single-use cups are a combination of paper and plastic. Paper is an insufficient insulator on its own. Therefore, the manufacturers pair paper with plastic to better preserve heat. Although this combination might help keep your drink warmer for longer, it's an environmental nightmare when it comes to recycling. To recycle a single-use coffee cup, the paper and plastic need to be removed, demanding even more energy.

By cutting out single-use coffee cups and using reusable thermal coffee cups, we can help preserve natural resources and minimise unnecessary waste. A thermal coffee cup doesn’t just benefit the modern-day individual, it's a present for our struggling planet too.

6. Keep drinks at their optimum temperature

The number one purpose of a coffee cup is to keep your beverage at its optimum temperature for longer. If you're sipping on an iced latte, you want it to stay cold. Whereas, if you're drinking hot chocolate, it should remain warm. What we drink and when we drink makes up a significant part of our day. Our daily beverages become like rituals; they ground us, relax us and bring us joy. With a thermal coffee cup, you can ensure your beverage is exactly how you like it. Unlike a paper cup, a thermal coffee cup keeps your drinks at their optimum temperature, so you can enjoy them in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.

7. Stylish

Head to the office in style or upgrade your winter accessories with a stylish thermal coffee cup. The days of clinging to a boring white paper cup are over. Stand out from the crowd with a cup that matches your aesthetic.

At Eco Chic, you can pick from over sixteen patterns and find the perfect coffee cup for you. Be loud and proud with your cat print coffee cup and matching umbrella. Or opt for something more subtle such as navy disrupted cubes. The Eco Chic brand believes eco-friendly doesn't have to mean boring. Their fun accessories are planet-pleasing and an asset to any outfit.

Improve your morning hot drinks ritual with a thermal coffee cup. Say no to coffee that takes time from your day, destroys the planet and empties your wallet. And say yes to delicious, planet-pleasing, money-saving hot drinks created with love in your home and transported safely in a thermal coffee cup.

Pick your perfect thermal coffee cup, and browse Eco Chic’s selection of fun prints and patterns. And don’t forget to add other matching accessories to your basket. Now you’re arriving to work on time, you’ll want to show up in style!


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