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9 Reasons You Should Start Using A Reusable Shopping Bag

Single-use plastic bags are having a detrimental impact on the environment. If you're passionate about saving the Earth, you'll want to start using a reusable shopping bag. To help you make the transition from plastic to planet-friendly, we're sharing nine reasons you should start using a reusable shopping bag.

1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

During every stage of a plastic bag's lifespan, greenhouse gases are released. Plastic bags are made from crude oil, a substance buried beneath the Earth's surface. Extracting this oil emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Manufacturing plastic bags demands high levels of energy, releasing even more greenhouse gases. And once we’re finished with our plastic bags, they get sent to landfill. In landfills, the sun warms them, spouting more harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Choosing a reusable shopping bag is an easy way to limit carbon emissions and decrease our carbon footprint.


Reusable Shopping Bag

2. Oil Politics

The increasing demand for crude oil to make plastics has resulted in ongoing conflicts between countries and companies. Oil politics continues to rage around the globe, causing devastation and destruction to humanity and the environment. By no longer using plastic bags, we can lessen the fight over crude oil and the impact this has

3. Help Protect Local Wildlife

The lightweight structure of plastic bags means they're easily transported via wind and weather conditions. Once we lose track of our plastic bag, it's already on its way to cause havoc. Plastic bags frequently blow through wildlife habitats. In these environments, animals confuse our plastic bags as a tasty treat. After consuming your plastic bag, these innocent animals may become seriously ill or die. Even if this creature is lucky enough to survive, plastic has entered the ecosystem, contaminating the food chain and putting other animals (even humans!) at risk. By using a reusable shopping bag, we can reduce the number of wildlife deaths and protect ecosystems.

reusable shopping bag

4. Save Money

The majority of countries around the world have begun charging customers for single-use plastic bags. Whilst five pence here and there might not seem like much, this small expense is going to add up over time. Several countries have even gone as far as to enforce total bans against plastic bags. Shoppers in these locations now use reusable shopping bags on a daily basis. Getting in the habit of putting a foldable shopping bag in your car or handbag can save you money now and hassle in the future.

5. Stop Using Single-Use Plastics

All of us should strive to cut out single-use plastics when possible. According to UNEP, "5 trillion single-use plastic bags are used worldwide every year". These single-use items are harming our planet. By stopping using single-use plastic, we can do our bit to protect the environment and improve the conditions on Earth. Purchasing a reusable, foldable shopping bag makes cutting out single-use plastic bags simple!

reusable shopping bag

6. Protect Marine Life

Similar to land wildlife, marine life is suffering from the presence of plastic in their habitats. Many marine animals confuse plastic bags as food, often jellyfish. These animals consume plastic or get caught trying to capture their potential prey. As a result, these marine creatures perish, decreasing numbers of marine life and disturbing global food chains.

7. Reusable Shopping Bags Are Better Quality

Not only does using foldable shopping bags protect the environment, save you money and help you adopt better habits, but they're also more practical. Reusable shopping bag designs prioritise high quality and durability. Rather than purchasing several plastic bags for your weekly food shop, you can take a couple of sturdy foldable reusable bags. These shopping bags will last longer and be able to carry more.


reusable shoppingbag

8. Improve Your Shopping Experience

Better quality shopping bags means a better shopping experience. Instead of worrying over your weekly groceries falling through your plastic bag, you can fill your reusable shopping bag to the brim and use it again and again. The days of hobbling to the car with your groceries weighing you down are over. With a top of the range reusable shopping bag design, you can take your time, enjoy the shopping experience and know your bag has always got your back.

9. Make Your Shopping Spree Stylish

I don't think it's presumptuous to say a plastic bag isn't the most stylish accessory. No one is using a plastic bag because it looks fashionable! People choose to use plastic bags for practicality. But what if you could use a bag that has both style and substance? Reusable shopping bag designs combine purpose with attraction. Now, you can pick up your groceries or head to the high street with a bag that adds to your outfit, not takes away.


reusable shopping bags

Top Tips: How To Make Using A Reusable Shopping Bag A Daily Habit

Pick a reusable shopping bag design you love. By choosing a shopping bag design that matches your style, you’re more likely to want to use your bag on a regular basis.

Put your reusable shopping bag in your car or handbag. Rather than relying on yourself to remember your shopping bag every time you leave the house, put it with your other essentials so there’s no risk of it getting left behind!

Use a foldable shopping bag. Foldable bag designs mean you can carry your shopping bag with you, without having to compromise on space.

There are no excuses not to carry your shopping bag when it folds down into a handy travel size! Start your shopping list with ‘reusable shopping bags’. One quick glance at your list before you leave the house or car will remind you to grab your foldable shopping bag before hitting the store.

Reusable shopping bags help us protect the planet and improve our shopping experience. If you're ready to ditch single-use plastics and wave goodbye to plastic carrier bags, why not buy a reusable foldable shopping bag? Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but you’ll look good whilst doing so! Check out Eco Chic’s range of one of a kind shopping bag designs here.


reusable shopping bag
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