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COP26 And How We Can Do Our Bit To Help Fight The Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is the deadliest threat facing humanity today. Drastic change is needed if we want to protect the planet, its people and wildlife. Climate activists and governmental figures anticipate COP26 will be the driving force behind this essential development. In recent years, the UK has implemented successful green initiatives. However, more needs to be done by the UK and other nations to slow the rate of climate change.

In this blog post, we're explaining what COP26 is and why it's such a critical event for us and generations to come.

What Is COP26?

COP26 is a global climate change event between the 31st of October and the 12th of November. Conference Of the Parties (COP) is an annual summit. 2021 will be the 26th COP summit, hence its title COP26. This year, the event is taking place in Glasgow. The United Kingdom has partnered with Italy to unite the world and tackle the climate crisis.

The goal behind COP26 is to inspire nations, world leaders and prominent businesses to adopt greener practices and policies. We want all nations to push towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN's climate change framework.

The Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement is an international treaty on climate change. Adopted after COP21, the agreement aims to reduce carbon emissions and keep global warming below 2 °C. COP26 and The Paris Agreement strive to limit the Earth's temperature increase by 1.5 °C.

2015’s The Paris Agreement was the first-ever climate agreement. As part of the agreement, countries submitted their climate action plans. Unfortunately, these plans are not enough for us to stabilise the rate of global warming. Further action is required, which is what the COP26 conference will initiate.

Who Will COP26 Affect?

The outcome of COP26 will affect all of us. The UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced, “we can seize this movement together, so we can recover cleaner, rebuild greenery and restore our planet”. It’s not enough to have one country working towards reducing climate emissions, we need the entire world to tackle climate change.

COP President-Designate, Alok Sharma, believes there has never been a better time to address climate change than off the back of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sharma states that "we must take the historic opportunity to tackle climate change at the same time – to build back better, and greener". The world is not the same as it once was. We have an opportunity to build a greener future rather than revert to our previous damaging habits.

Failing to deliver on the necessary changes will mean a continuation in climate-related illnesses, ongoing extreme weather and decreasing biodiversity. To protect the planet and its people, we must arrive at a sustainable solution that serves both the environment and our modern modes of living.

What The UK Is Doing To Make A Change

The UK is one of the leading nations when it comes to slowing down climate change. An increase in eco-friendly businesses, a rapid increase in solar-powered energy and events such as COP26 prove the UK is dedicated to reducing climate emissions.

Only 2% of the UK’s electricity comes from coal, a significant decrease from 40% in 2012!

The United Kingdom is committed to The Green Industrial Revolution, whereby we reach our climate targets and create skilled green jobs. Our government was the first to pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 78% by 2035. And we’ve assigned ourselves the task of being coal-less by 2024. We already have a low carbon sector and supply chain that provides over 460,00 jobs and a target of 2 million green jobs by 2030.

As a nation, we'll spend the next six months inspiring other countries to understand how crucial this revolution is.

Furthering the UK's dedication to the cause is the decision that the Glasgow conference will be in person. Being physically there means representatives can listen to countries less privileged than ours and assist them in navigating their way to a greener future.

Positive Changes Already Taking Place

We understand how overwhelming climate facts and statistics can be. Although climate change may feel like we're fighting a losing battle, there is evidence of change. Unfortunately, we can’t expect the world to be net-zero overnight. And the devastating effects of climate change aren't going to disappear over the next few weeks. However, reminding ourselves of the positive changes can encourage us to persevere and keep fighting against increasing carbon emissions.

  • Around 70% of the world economy is already covered by net-zero.
  • Targets! The majority of new cars are either hybrid or electric.
  • An increasing number of regions around the world are committing themselves to a zero-emissions goal.
  • Wind and solar power are now cheaper alternatives to coal.

Net Zero

Net-zero, or otherwise known as carbon-neutral, means there is an equal balance between the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and those taken out. Being net-zero is so vital because it stops the Earth from heating up.

What You Can Do

As eco-conscious individuals, many of us want to know what we can do to slow down the rate of climate change. Sir David Attenborough is the COP26 People's Advocate. In this role, the world-renowned historian and broadcaster hopes to inspire everyday people to take action. In pursuit of doing this, Attenborough and the COP26 organisers want to hear stories about how you're helping reduce climate change. From those working on offshore wind farms to people opting for sustainable alternatives in their homes, we all have a role to play.

If you’re going to share your story with COP26, the Eco Chic team would love to hear it. As a sustainable brand with a dedicated community of eco-friendly individuals, we understand we have an immense privilege in speaking candidly about climate change, how it affects us and what we’re doing to fight it. We don’t want to let this occasion go unnoticed. Share with us your views on climate change and what you hope will come from the COP26 summit on social media.


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