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Countdown to Christmas: How to prepare for the best Christmas Possible

The Christmas countdown has officially begun. In just over a month, we'll be carving the turkey, unwrapping presents, and picking all the best flavours out of the Chocolate tin! But before the festivities begin, there are a few things we need to organise. The key to a successful Christmas is preparation. And the earlier you begin organising Christmas, the smoother the day will be.

Having over a month to plan one day might feel generous. But Christmas isn't just any day, is it!? It's the most magical day of the year!

In pursuit of making Christmas as perfect as possible for your loved ones, you might begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Beginning your Christmas preparations in November can minimise these negative feelings and ensure your Christmas is the jubilant holiday it's supposed to be.

Here is everything you need to do over November and December to make Christmas 2021 extra special.



If you haven't already, you should use the beginning of November to budget for the holiday period.

Consider the cost of these Christmas essentials:

  • The gifts you need to buy. Planning your presents ahead can help you make more informed and eco-conscious purchases. For sustainable gift inspiration, you can read our blog post.
  • How much you're likely/willing to spend at events over the festive period. Work Christmas parties are usually paid for by your employer, but what about those catch-up cocktails with old friends or trips to the local for a few pints in the lead up to Christmas? Be realistic about how much you’re likely to spend to make your budgeting more effective.
  • If you're travelling over Christmas, organise these arrangements and make any necessary bookings.
  • Create a budget for food and drink. This is unlikely to be accurate, but it should give you an indication of your expenses. Think back to previous years, how much food did you eat and how much was wasted? Based on this information, create a realistic food and drinks budget.

Christmas gifts

The second half of the month should be spent shopping. Purchase any gifts and wrap them up now to save time next month. We recommend using brown paper and string as a sustainable gift wrap alternative.

Christmas cards

If you haven’t yet, pick up your Christmas cards to send to friends and family you won’t see before or during the festivities. Although you won’t need to send these for a few weeks, having them stamped and ready to post saves you a task next month.

Decoration planning

At the end of the month, it’s time to put your interior decorator hat on. What theme will this year's Christmas display be? Will you have a real or fake tree? Do you need to pick up or order any extra ornaments?  Although most people save putting up the decorations until next month, planning how your home is going to look can increase excitement and avoid arguments when it comes to decorating. And we wouldn’t blame you if you did hang a bauble or two during November...Christmas starts when Halloween is over, right?


December is here and festive cheer is in full swing!


It’s time to decide where and when you’re going to do your food shopping. Before hitting the supermarket, write a comprehensive list of everything you need! This means making decisions such as whether you’re going to have turkey or experiment with a veggie Christmas beforehand. No one wants to be stuck in a busy supermarket aisle deciding between classic Christmas cake or indulgent profiteroles. Make all the important decisions before you enter the supermarket.


Are you an early or a late decorator? Either way, it’s time to fill your house with Christmas magic. Illuminate your tree, hang a welcoming wreath and dust the Christmas jumpers off. It’s officially the festive season!

Planning Christmas Day

As the big day approaches, you might want to decide on a plan. Some enjoy a schedule, whilst others prefer to see where the day takes them. Things you might want to think about include:

  • What time you will eat (whoever is cooking will need to know this!)
  • Will you go on an afternoon walk or spend the day slumped on the sofa?
  • What games will you play?
  • Are there any television shows or films that you don’t want to miss?
  • Although you don’t have to plan every hour, having an idea of the day's activities can help things run smoothly and encourage you to relax.

Thinking ahead to the rest of the holiday period

We all feel a little deflated once Christmas Day is over. Months of planning and preparation accumulate into one magical, but very fast pace day. Now, we’re faced with leftover vegetables and fairy lights on the blink. It can be easy to slip into sadness once Christmas is over. But just because the special day is done doesn’t mean there’s not more to look forward to. Over the next week, you can spend your days slumped on the sofa eating leftovers or enjoying the company of family and friends.

Do you have any Boxing Day plans?

Many families have Boxing Day traditions, but if you don’t, why not enjoy it in the same way you did Christmas? Pile your plate with cheese and crackers and enjoy another day of joy and relaxation.

Bringing in the new year

New Year's Eve is the biggest party holiday of the year. People come together to celebrate entering a new chapter. Whether you’re hitting the town or snuggling up on the sofa watching fireworks on the TV, don’t forget to celebrate how incredible it is to finish one year and begin another!

The festive season is here, and we want to make it the most magical Christmas yet. If you’re passionate about giving your family the wonderful festive holiday they deserve, you need to begin planning your Christmas. Leaving holiday arrangements until the last minute is going to contribute to a stressful and hostile environment. Eliminate arguments over tinsel and baubles and who hasn’t signed the family Christmas card by organising Christmas logistics now.

Using this blog post, create an ultimate Christmas to-do list for yourself and tick off tasks as you complete them. By the time Christmas day arrives, there won't be any opportunity for things to go wrong!

Merry Christmas!

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