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Everything you need to know about Eco Chic’s new solid colour cups and bottles

Searching for an eco-friendly way to hydrate or caffeinated?

You’ll love our new solid colour cups and bottles

Reusable coffee cups and water bottles are among the most popular eco-friendly products on the market. Millions of people have switched from cardboard and plastic drinks receptacles to reusable alternatives, and Eco Chic is proud to have played a role in this. Our drinkware products are some of our most popular, which is why we're continuously searching for new ways to reinvent and expand our eco-conscious clientele. This February, we're adding solid colour bottles and solid colour cups to our already expansive range of drinks products. As environmentalists and trend setters, we understand eco-friendly alternatives need to look good and do good to have a real impact. For this reason, we're introducing a range of solid colour drinkware for those who desire a classic yet versatile aesthetic. In this blog post, we’re sharing everything you need to know about this exciting new product.

The environmental impact of single-use coffee cups and plastic bottles

The majority of us can't start the day without a hot coffee in hand. And we know staying hydrated throughout the day is imperative to our health and wellbeing. However, as so many of us live life on the go, these all-important drinks are often bought from coffee shops and convenience stores. When we buy a drink from one of these retail outlets, it usually comes in non-environmentally friendly packaging.


It's estimated that we use 16 billion coffee cups each year! The majority of these cups are a combination of paper, cardboard and plastic. The use of multiple materials means many cups aren’t recyclable, and those that are demand high levels of energy to do so. Similarly, our bottled water and fizzy drinks cause 7.7 billion plastic bottles to be used each year (in the UK alone!) Many of these bottles don't make it to recycling plants and end up in landfills and bodies of water such as rivers and oceans.

Eco Chic’s new solid colour bottles and cups

To help reduce the number of bottles and coffee cups polluting the environment, we prioritise using reusable products. Instead of using a new coffee cup every day, we can use a refillable one and reduce plastic and paper waste. And by filling up our reusable bottles at home, we can cut out plastic and save money.

Currently, we stock reusable coffee cups and thermal bottles and coffee cups. All our drinkware is available in Eco Chic's signature fun prints and patterns. And now we're introducing solid colour bottles and solid colour cups to give you more choice when it comes to the aesthetic of your everyday eco accessories. Pick from black, red, navy, white and pale blue and find the perfect drinkware to match your style.

What makes Eco Chic’s solid colour bottles and solid colour cups eco-friendly?

Eco Chic always delivers style and substance, and these new products are no exception. As well as seamlessly matching any outfit and accompanying accessories, our new drinkware is made from double stainless steel, keeping your drink warm and the planet cool. Stainless steel is a sturdy natural material that guarantees your reusable drinks container will last a long time and not pollute the environment once it's reached the end of its lifespan.

The practical benefits of Eco Chic’s solid colour bottles and solid colour cups

As much as we love our fun and quirky prints― they're a part of the Eco Chic brand identity. We understand your beloved Blue Bees thermal coffee cup might not be ideal for a business conference, and it probably doesn’t match your classy suit and tie ensemble. For occasions such as these, you need a neutral colour that allows you, or your outfit, to do the talking.

thermal coffee cups

In addition to this, we know there's nothing more annoying than a cold cup of coffee or a gulp of lukewarm water. You want your beverage to be at the optimum temperature, so you can go about your busy day, having a sip whenever you like. To achieve this, we design our solid colour cups and solid colour bottles to regulate temperature. Keep your hot beverages warm for up to 12 hours and your cool drinks cold for 24! And if that's not enough, both products are BPA free, leak-proof, and come with a six-month warranty, so you can try them out for yourself.

thermal coffee cups

How to care for your new solid colour cups and solid colour bottles

Our solid colour bottles and solid colour cups require little maintenance. Simply rinse your bottle or cup using warm soapy water after use. If you need a more thorough clean, you can combine bicarbonate of soda and water to create a cleaning solution. Make sure you don't use Milton Steriliser on your bottle, as this can damage the product. And always store without a cap to ensure it dries out properly.

Picking the perfect colour for your new water bottle and coffee cup

When it comes to picking the perfect colour for your solid colour bottle or solid colour cup, it's up to you to decide. Black and white are popular shades that go with every outfit. But you might conclude that pale blue better suits your pastel wardrobe. Or perhaps you love dark and rich colours such as red and navy during the winter months.

thermal coffee cups


Picking the perfect colour for your bottle or coffee cup is a personal choice depending on your existing accessories and personal preference. However, these are a few things to consider before making your purchase:

Which colour will compliment your other accessories? Do you have a solid colour bag, and do you want your drinkware to match? Is this a colour you see yourself using for years to come? Black and white never go out of style, but will you feel this passionate about red forever? If so, amazing! And if there's someone else in your life with a solid colour bottle or cup, what shade is theirs? It's a good idea to purchase a different shade to avoid any confusion in the office.

 thermal coffee cup

Switching from single-use to reusable drinkware has numerous benefits for the environment and your lifestyle. It's a great way to remind yourself to drink more fluids whilst cutting down your carbon footprint. And with a solid colour cup and bottle, you can pick a shade that perfectly complements your style. If you're ready to introduce a solid colour bottle or solid colour cup to your daily routine, click here to browse our new range.

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