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How to make this Father's Day extra-special: 8 activities and gift ideas

Fathers day is near! (20th June). Make a fuss for your dad, grandad, husband, father figure or even a person you know who’s doing a fantastic job at being a dad!

Since last year, we’ve all been adapting to find ways to keep in touch of spend time together with others during the pandemic. So, we thought we’d share activity suggestions to celebrate the man/ men this Father’s Day; whether you’re in the same household or at a distance we’ve got something for this special day.

Activity ideas

1. Explore nature together

Exploring nature is a refreshing activity, especially when you’re with someone who you enjoy being with. Take them out on a nice walk for Father’s Day, or even have a picnic p.s we have the perfect outdoor gifts for this such as a picnic blanket, water bottles, bum bag etc. Or, you could even do something simpler such as enjoying nature by an open window. Alternatively, if you aren’t able to see them, you can do it virtually.

2. Do a family work out

Whilst most of us would consider your Sunday lounging on the couch to be a great idea, its great if you can plan something your dad loves the most. Even if it is something we all love to avoid on a Sunday (looking at you, workouts!) You can do something more creative than going to the gym by doing a workout in the outdoors – perfect now its summertime.

3. Share their favourite food

You could make or order their favourite food from a takeaway. If you live with them, you can enjoy the meal with them together. Alternatively, if you don’t you can always have their favourite meal delivered to them and eat a Father’s day meal virtually through a video or voice call.

4. Relax

A way to spend time with each other, is simply to just relax, watch their favourite film or a TV series. Or, you can swap this with doing something more wholesome such as playing a puzzle or a game. Again, if you aren’t able to see them in person, you can do this virtually too.

5. Go camping

Camping + summer + father’s day sounds like a great combination! You could head to a campsite for the weekend or even set up a tent in your own back yard. Another great idea if you want to incorporate something more creative and wholesome for this Father’s Day. We've also got you covered with some of the essentials you’ll need for camping too!

6. Get out on the water

Favourably, Father's Day happens to tie in with the first day of summer. The only way to celebrate? By getting out on the water; one of the best budget-friendly options. This can either be a poolside hangout, the river or the sea.

7. Get crafty

A great way to encourage everyone to get crafty because who doesn’t once in a while? Get the family together and encourage everyone to get creative.

8. Trace your family roots

Take a walk down memory lane, grab a photo album and get a better insight of your family’s past. Even if you think you are aware of your dad and family, there is probably a lot more that you may not know about! It's also a way to bring a nice sense of nostalgia.

Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world to appreciate and honor fathers, as well as father figures. In many countries such as; the US, UK, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, with some differing to this. It’s meant to complement Mother’s Day - a day to celebrate mothers. Many of us however, do not know the origins of Father’s Day and how the celebration came about.

The celebration of Mother’s Day can be dated back to hundreds of years, while father’s day is a recent concept. Only in 1910, a woman from Washington, USA publicly recognised the need for Father’s Day after a commentary on ‘forgotten fathers’ was released.

Father’s Day is supposed to reinforce the training of children, protection of womanhood and childhood and a lot more concepts.

Stuck on what fathers day gifts to buy?

Treat them with a unique gift or something more practical – we’ve got you covered for those too! Check out our range we crafted, which we are certain dads will love this fathers day.


1. Cool cubes thermal bottle


thermal bottle


Product shown: Thermal bottle disrupted cubes, £19.99

Cool enough for your office desk and good enough for the gym making it one of the greatest everyday thermal bottle.


2. Bicycle bag

foldable backpack


Product shown: Foldable backpack bike, £17.99

The perfect gift for dads who love being on two wheels rather than two feet! Easily foldable and takes up little space. Bag features pockets too which is a bonus.


3. Music bag 

crossbody bag

Product shown: Foldable crossbody bag music, £15.99

Another great bag as a gift! For dads who love music - who doesn't anyway? Easily foldable and bag features a zip front pocket.

4. Bee cup

bamboo coffee cup bees

Product show: Bamboo cup bees, £9.99

Well suited for dads on the go. Ditching the disposables and replacing it with the best reusable cup made from bamboo. 

5. A handy picnic blanket 

picnic blanket sheep

Product shown: Foldable picnic blanket sheep, £24.99

For the playful dad who likes animals. Thankfully summer is pretty much here, so there will be no excuse not to have a picnic in the glorious sun! 

6.  Bum bag

bum bag

Product shown: Bum bag disrupted cubes, £14.99

A great gift for holding all the essentials! Not only is this a great father's day gift, but it's also great for the summer which is around the corner. Think staycations, camping, you name it.

7. Trendy shopping bag

reusable shopping bag


Product shown: Reusable shopping bag fleur de lys, £5.99

Dads shopping or travelling in style? Tick. A trendy reusable bag which easily folds down into a pouch when not in use.

Check out more of our Father's day collection + our special bundles here

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