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How to make a perfect picnic?

Now summer is here we begin to think of dining outdoors, being outside in the garden, at the beach or in the park.

Going for a picnic is a great way to spend time outdoors in the warm weather picking up vital vitamin “D” with family and friends.

Picnics have been around since the Middle Ages; they feature in the Bayeux Tapestry. They became more popular during Victorian times. Then picnics were a lavish affair for the upper classes with linen, crystal, and servants on hand to carry the moveable feast.

The Victorians didn’t scrimp on food with roast meats, fowl, fish, meat pies, sandwiches and fruits on offer accompanied by ales, wines and fruit juices. The picnics would often be delivered in wicker baskets to the racecourse or onto yachts during Cowes week.

In this time, picnics became more accessible to the lower classes. They could pack a sandwich or a pie, grab a blanket and head out to a local park. This was seen as an alternative to a holiday.

Today’s picnics focus much more on convenience and sustainability. We look for ways to avoid waste and overuse of plastics. It’s becoming part of our psyche.

Eco Chic large cool bag

The one thing we can’t control on a picnic is the British Weather. However, we can make sure that our food stays fresh stored in a lightweight practical large cool bag. We have enough drinks for all and a wipe clean blanket to dine on. We carry our drinks in reusable bottles and thermal bottles or cups.

The Eco Chic lightweight foldable picnic cool bag offers a great solution to keeping your food fresh when out and about. Each bag is made from three recycled plastic bottles. So, you know when you use one you are doing a little bit to save the planet. The bags are also wipe proof, rip resistant and fold down for easy storage.

Backpack Cool Bag

Eco Chic backpack coolers are a convenient alternative. They offer the same benefits as our picnic cool bags. They are fully insulated to keep your food fresh. and are made from four recycled plastic bottles.

Picnic blanket

An essential part of any picnic is a picnic blanket. These have come a long way from the tartan blankets favoured in Victorian times. Our Eco chic picnic peonies blanket was recently featured in the Sunday Times as one of the best picnics blankets to buy now.

Each Eco chic picnic blanket is made from 20 recycled plastic bottles! They are waterproof, front and back. They are also sand resistant, a great feature if you’re going to the beach. The blankets fold down and can be carried by handle making them easy to transport. You can find a great range of designs to choose from in our online store.

So, using Eco Chic picnic items can help make your day special, and also you are helping to protect our Oceans from plastic waste - PERFECT!


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