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How To Wear A Bum Bag

There's nothing more nineties than a bum bag. And as the iconic decade circles back around, the practical and stylish bum bag has solidified its place as a must-have accessory in the modern-day.

Much like low rise jeans and shoulder pads, the bum bag is a relic of decades past. However, there's one thing that sets this accessory apart from its stylish counterparts; practicality.

Not only is a bum bag a bold and trendy fashion statement, but it's ideal for carrying your belongings too. If you're keen to make the most out of this retro bag, we're sharing everything you need to know about rocking the bum bag. Consider this blog post Eco Chic's ultimate guide to wearing a bumbag in 2021 and beyond.

What is a bum bag?

The bum bag is a hands-free bag traditionally worn around the waist. In order to comfortably fit around the waist, bum bags are compact with just enough space to fit your essentials.

If we consider the fundamental components of a bum bag, the design obtains two key features; a belt and a pouch. Although the design is simple, the bum bag has a lot to offer. Not only does it provide a lightweight and comfortable way to transport your belongings, but it's also a stylish way to add interest to your outfits.

Where does the bum bag originate from?

The bum bag design dates back centuries. Originally, front-facing bags were used as a method of protection against bandits. Following on from this, various groups of people throughout history have utilised the bum bag design. One example of this is the Scottish kilt. As pockets were impractical for the cultural garments, people began using belt pouches instead.

The bum bag we're familiar with today originates from the nineteen-eighties. During this decade and into the nineteen nineties, the bum bag surged in popularity with an array of individuals. In the early eighties, the bags were synonymous with the hip-hop scene. However, by the nineties, festival goers, hikers, stylish socialites were all rocking the iconic bum bag.

Other names for the bum bag

You might have come across one of the many other names for the bum bag.

In the UK, bum bags get their name from the positioning of the bag. However, in the USA, they refer to the bag as a fanny pack. Across the pond, 'fanny' is a slang term for the bum. Although both names refer to the location of the bag on the body, the two countries have different names for the accessory. Both nations may also call the bum bag/ fanny pack a belt bag. Despite this literal term being easy to understand, fewer people use it.

In Ireland the bum bag is known as a Gee bag. And may also be known as a moon bag or belly bag elsewhere around the world.

When can you wear a bum bag

Bum Bags are appropriate for almost every occasion. If you're popping to the shops to grab some milk, throw your keys and purse in your bumbag.

The bumbag has become synonymous with festival fashion. Nothing completes a fun and flirty festival outfit like a matching bumbag. And now, bum bags have even integrated into high end fashion with brands such as Gucci, Valentino and Versace all releasing their version of the bag.

Who can wear a bum bag

Just as you can wear a bum bag to numerous locations, you can style the bum bag no matter who you are. Everyone deserves stylish and easy fashion accessories, and the bum bag provides exactly that!

Busy mums might find a bum bag is the most practical item for the school run. Rather than worrying about carrying an overflowing handbag, you can focus on making sure the children have their belongings. If you're into fashion and styling current trends, you'll love experimenting with the bumbag to create the ultimate fashionable and chic look. No matter your age, occupation, location or personal style, there’s a bum bag that’s perfect for you.

How to wear a bum bag

There are two popular ways to style the bum bag in 2021: around the waist and across the shoulder. Some might use these styles interchangeably, while others may favour one more.

Around the waist

The traditional way to wear a bum bag is around the waist. You may either secure it where your jeans rest or slightly higher to cinch in the waist. Although visible, this style is less overt and creates a more casual, laid-back look.

Across the shoulder

Those seeking a more street-style inspired ensemble might choose to wear their bum bag slung over the shoulder. When placed over the shoulder, the pouch of the bum bag rests on the individual's chest, meaning it's just as easy to access your belongings as if the bum bag was around the waist. This more contemporary way of wearing the bum bag has developed in recent years and is popular among celebrities and high fashion houses. Those who want to stay on-trend but enjoy the simplicity and practicality of a bum bag may experiment with this style.

Pick a design that compliments your style

The surge in popularity of bum bags in recent years means there isn't a shortage of choices when it comes to picking your newest accessory. You're likely to be inundated with options after a quick Google search for bum bags. Before deciding on your perfect bag, we recommend considering these key features:


Just like your other accessories, you want to pick a colour that compliments your wardrobe. If you love neutrals, a black or brown bum bag is likely to tie in well. Whereas if you're a fan of colour, you might pick something bold that will clash or compliment your clothes.


Adding fun prints or patterns is an easy and effective way to add interest to an outfit. Make your bum bag a statement piece or add it to an already out-there look.


Despite all bum bags being smaller than other bag styles, they're not all the same size. Different brands will create different sized bum bags, so make sure the one you're purchasing is big enough to fit your essentials but small enough to feel comfortable.


The bum bag is the ideal on-the-go accessory, and therefore, we want to ensure it's sturdy enough to accompany us on all our daily adventures. Before purchasing your bum bag, check to see if the materials used align with your lifestyle and ethos. If you're wearing a bum bag in the great outdoors, a faux fur material isn't the most practical. However, if you're attending a classy event, this style is perfect!

In addition to this, if you're an eco-conscious shopper, you might want to prioritise purchasing a bum bag made using recycled, planet-pleasing materials. Take the time to research your potential bum bag before making your purchase.

The bum bag never goes out of fashion. And right now, the trendy and practical bag is resurging as a modern-day must-have accessory. Everyone can benefit from the hands-free, lightweight, unique design of the bum bag.

We've shared everything you need to know about this iconic bag. If you're ready to purchase a bum bag, check out Eco Chic's range of eco-conscious, super stylish, and functional bum bags.

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