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Why A Waterproof Poncho Is This Season's Must-Have Jacket?

Are you a winter or a summer person? I've always been a summer person. But recently, I have found myself craving winter! Cosy nights, rainy adventures in the great outdoors, and wardrobes full of layers. What could be better? Whether you love it or hate it, winter is upon us. The nights are getting darker, and it's a risk to leave the house without weather-appropriate clothing.

This season, I'm trading in my oversized duffle coat for something lightweight, transportable and one hundred percent waterproof; a women's poncho. Transitioning from a heavy-duty coat to a foldable poncho lets me enjoy the winter months, without cowering from rainfall. And today, I'm sharing why a rain poncho should be every woman and man's must-have jacket for the upcoming season.

Keep dry whilst out in the rain

The number one job of a poncho is to keep you dry whilst out in the rain. If, like me, you live somewhere where it rains a lot, having something on hand to keep you dry during those unexpected rain showers is essential.

A poncho covers the whole torso and a significant portion of the legs, meaning it keeps the majority of the body protected from rain. A high-quality rain poncho will be made using recycled plastic and treated with a waterproof coating. No pesky raindrops will seep through to your clothes or skin when you have a waterproof poncho to protect you!

Easily transportable due to being foldable

How tired do you get of carrying around a heavy coat in anticipation of rain, only for it to stay dry all day?! Liberate your arms from the burden of a coat and nestle a foldable rain poncho in your bag instead. A foldable poncho is the most practical coat you'll ever come across! Simply slip a man’s poncho in your back pocket or carry a woman's poncho in your handbag. With a waterproof rain poncho hidden amongst your belongings, you can go about your daily adventures without having to worry about rain. And if the heavens happen to open, you can unfold your poncho and keep yourself dry.

Ponchos are no longer just for practicality, they’re stylish too!

Once upon a time, men and women cowered at the thought of wearing a rain poncho. The waterproof poncho has garnered an undeserving reputation as an unstylish jacket, only worn for practical reasons. However, the rain poncho has recently had an upgrade. And now, men's ponchos and women's ponchos are available in trendy prints, fun patterns and stylish colours. The days of worrying over your style reputation if you're seen in a poncho are over!

Those that enjoy neutral and darker tones, might like the Black Feather Waterproof Poncho. Perhaps there’s a man in your life searching for a man’s poncho? Well, look no further, this one is perfect! Or, if you know someone who can’t resist a cute animal, why not give them a Multicoloured Cat women’s poncho or a Green Woodland foldable poncho? With so many designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect poncho for you and your loved ones!

Add seamlessly over any outfit

There's nothing more frustrating than having to cover up a nice outfit with a bulky coat. Once we've layered up, our stylish ensemble never seems to shine the way it did. Instead, the extra unanticipated layers crease our look and make us too hot and sweaty. Rather than compromising your style, throw a man's or woman's poncho over the top of your outfit when it begins to rain, and remove it once the rainfall has stopped. The rain poncho seamlessly covers any outfit without causing discomfort or downgrading your look.

Lightweight for trips out

Winter doesn't mean our days out have to stop. Adventuring in the winter can be as fun as in the summer—it just takes a little extra preparation! A rain poncho is ideal for trips out because it's easily transportable, waterproof and lightweight. We can continue exploring nature, immersing ourselves in culture and absorbing new surroundings without worrying about the weather. Rather than carrying around a heavy coat, slip your foldable poncho in your pocket and prioritise your space for food, games and other adventuring essentials!

Pro-tip: If you’re heading to a theme park this season, take your foldable poncho with you. Rather than purchasing a park poncho, save money and take your own. A waterproof poncho is ideal for heading down those adrenaline-pumping water rides. Not only are you saving money, but you’re reducing waste too. Theme Park ponchos are usually made from single-use plastic and won’t last more than a couple of rides on your favourite rollercoaster. With a made to last rain poncho, you can enjoy as many water rides as you like and stay dry every time!

Purchase an eco-friendly poncho and do your bit for the planet

Upgrade your winter wardrobe by making it eco-friendly. Not only is a poncho the most practical jacket for the rainy seasons, but it's also the most environmentally friendly choice. Eco chic's rain ponchos are made from recycled plastic bottles. Eight plastic bottles go into creating their quirky, colourful, waterproof men's and women's ponchos. With a recycled poncho, you can protect yourself from downpours whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Don’t let the winter rain ruin your fun. With a waterproof poncho, you can carry on doing the things you love no matter the weather. Slip this must-have jacket in your bag or pocket. The foldable feature means no one will ever suspect you’re carrying a jacket in such a small space! Not only will your waterproof poncho protect your killer outfit, but you’ll be helping the planet too. I bet you can’t say that about your other winter jackets! If you’re ready to purchase this season’s essential accessory, browse through our vibrant, fun and sustainable poncho designs on the eco chic website. We can’t wait to see what pattern you choose for your winter wardrobe!

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