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Why Are Reusable Lunch Bags Better For The Environment?

Lunch is an essential part of our day. Re-energising and fuelling our bodies with nutritious foods is crucial for our health and wellbeing. Our daily eating habits might be nourishing us, but they're harming our planet. Whilst we're tucking into a tasty lunch from the local convenience store, the Earth is paying the price for our lack of preparation. Purchasing a reusable lunch bag can help us better prepare for those lunchtime hunger pangs and protect the planet when we're feeling peckish.

To convince you to stop surviving on those spur of the moment snacks, we’re sharing how a reusable lunch bag is a more environmentally friendly choice.

Reusable lunch bags eliminate the need for single-use plastic

Insulated lunch bags aren’t just for children. Did you know, the UK’S ‘lunch on the go’ habits are producing 10.7 billion items of packaging waste annually? Environmental charity, Hubbub, shared these shocking statistics in an effort to get adults to ditch their impromptu lunch habits and get them interested in lunch bags for women, as well as lunch bags for kids.

By using a reusable lunch bag, we can help reduce the amount of packaging making its way to landfill. Preparing our lunches at home and keeping them fresh in an insulated lunch bag eliminates the need for plastic and cardboard sandwich wrappers— the majority of which can not be recycled. Instead of being recycled, these items get burnt in the open air, releasing toxic fumes or end up in the ocean, killing marine life and damaging our ecosystems. Choosing to use a reusable lunch bag reduces the impact plastic waste has on our environment.


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Minimise the need for paper waste

Plastic is by far the biggest culprit when it comes to pollution and toxic emissions. However, our paper usage has a role to play in the climate crisis too. Even if our shop-bought sandwich is wrapped in recyclable paper, without any plastic, it still has a significantly higher carbon footprint than if we use a reusable insulated lunch bag. Both the creation and recycling of paper have large environmental consequences.

Continuing to use paper contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, water wastage and damaging ecosystems. Instead of opting for paper in a bid to be eco-friendly, you can use a reusable lunch bag, stopping this toxic cycle.


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Encourage you to plan ahead rather than shop and go

Parents are quick to purchase a reusable lunch bag for their kids, but not themselves. Instead of purchasing a stylish lunch bag designed for women, we’d rather endure a stressful trip to a local eatery on our lunch break. By investing in a reusable lunch bag for women, we can save ourselves time and money whilst doing our bit for the environment.

Having a lunch bag waiting on the kitchen side encourages us to plan ahead and pack food from home. There are no excuses not to take a sandwich from home when your lunch bag can keep it fresh throughout the day. Having this foresight can even facilitate other environmentally friendly habits— we might start purchasing local produce and taking a reusable water bottle. Planning ahead provides us with the opportunity to make eco-friendly decisions.

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Keep your food fresh to avoid food waste

A plastic sandwich wrapper isn’t going to keep your food fresh for long. We might decide to eat half our sandwich on our break and save the rest for later. Only when we uncover our sandwich just a few hours later, the bread is hard and the filling is warm. It’s not the mouth-watering lunchtime experience we planned for. Instead of working through soggy lettuce and tough crusts, we throw our sandwiches away and head to the canteen to buy another one.

By the end of the working day, we’ve contributed two sandwich wrappers and half a sandwich to the office bin— and we’ve had a disappointing lunchtime experience! To avoid this dissatisfaction on your next lunch break, use an insulated lunch bag to keep your food fresher for longer.


lunch bag


Long-lasting and reusable

At eco-chic, we know items are only environmentally friendly if they stand the test of time. To make sure our lunch bags for women and our lunch bags for kids last as long as possible, we use long-lasting, sustainable materials. A low-quality lunch bag, especially a lunch bag for kids, is prone to breakage. Once this lunch bag breaks, it’ll be sent to landfill, resulting in more plastic waste. Using high quality materials and manufacturing means you can use one product a hundred times, rather than send one hundred plastic wrappers in the rubbish.


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Eco-chic lunch bags use recycled plastic

Not only do our insulated lunch bags stand the test of time, but they begin their lives eco-friendly too. Eco-chic lunch bags are made using recycled plastic bottles.  Did you know less than 9% of all plastic gets recycled? We made it our mission to repurpose this plastic in ways that can serve the environment.


lunch bag


Heat preservation reduces the need for high energy-consuming appliances

Insulated lunch bags keep your food warm or cold for longer. Rather than using a microwave or having to invest in an office fridge, you can keep your lunch at the perfect temperature just by using an insulated lunch bag!

Household appliances require electricity or gas.  Electric and gas usage produce high levels of carbon dioxide emissions. By using these machines less often, we can reduce our carbon footprint..

Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and experience a stress-free lunch break by preparing your food in advance. There are endless personal and environmental benefits to purchasing a reusable lunch bag. If you're ready to adopt a more eco-conscious attitude to your lunchtime routine, using a reusable, insulated lunch bag is an easy way to do so.

Reusable lunch bags aren't just for kids. Eco-chic creates stylish and practical reusable lunch bags for women too. Your lunch breaks will never be the same once you say goodbye to those shop-bought sandwiches and welcome an eco-chic insulated lunch bag into your life.


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