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Your Eco-Friendly Bag Upgrade: Introducing Eco Chic’s New Solid Colour Bags

You asked for solid colour bags, and we're delivering.

Cross Body Self Colour Bag


A high-quality bag is a must-have accessory. Whether you're popping to the shops, heading to work or just out and about, having a sturdy and secure bag to transport your belongings is essential. And at Eco Chic, we provide bags for all these situations and more. Plus, our bags are 100% recycled, making them practical and kind to the planet! Currently, Eco Chic bags are available in all our popular prints and patterns. But we heard you want something a little more subdued for your everyday activities. Is that right? That's why our popular styles are now available as block colour bags. In this post, we're guiding you through our new solid colour bag range and the positive impact it has.

The environmental footprint of your everyday bag

Fashion has one of the largest carbon footprints of all our industries. The industry alone is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions! And if we don't reform the way we shop and care for our clothes, this number will increase. At Eco Chic, we care about finding a solution that helps the planet and benefits our wardrobes. The first step to reforming our fashion habits is understanding their impact.

Let's consider your high street handbag and the lifespan this has:

  • Your bag begins life in a factory. Energy is required to create the product. It's likely this business functions on large runs, creating several products at once and pumping out carbon emissions to do so.
  • To keep costs low, manufacturing happens in a different county. It needs to be shipped or flown to the UK, thus demanding more energy.
  • Bags not suitable for stores are thrown away and arrive in landfills.
  • After arriving in your local high street store, you take your new bag home and fill it with your belongings.
  • For a few days, your new accessory holds up well. However, after a couple of weeks carrying your goods, the materials degrade, and it begins to break. Your new bag looks shabby, can't hold everything you need it to and only has a few more uses left.
  • Eventually, you put the bag in the bin.
  • Arriving in a landfill, the plastic on your bag heats under the sun, releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere.
  • Part of your bag blows into the ocean, where the strong current breaks it into tiny microplastics. Sea creatures consume these pieces of plastic, killing or making them seriously ill. As a result, the local ecosystems are damaged, the food chain is contaminated, and our water is full of harmful plastic chemicals.
  • As you're standing in the queue, ready to purchase your next bag and repeat the vicious cycle, an idea flashes through your mind. What if you buy an environmentally friendly bag that's the perfect accessory for your wardrobe and protects the planet? Clicking on the Eco Chic website, you order a solid colour bag in black.

About Eco Chic’s solid colour bag range

As much as we adore our fun prints and patterns, we understand that sometimes neutrals are more appropriate. Solid colour bags are simple yet stylish. For those days when you want your outfit to be the star of the show, you can throw a solid colour bag on your shoulder and be confident you have everything you need and still look chic.


Currently, our solid colour bags are available in five colours—even though we're going back to basics, we'd never deprive you of variety! Pick up your new everyday bag in classic black or white, add a little of interest with dark red or blue, or brighten things up with pale blue. We understand our customers all have their own unique sense of style, and we always want to cater to this. Having a range of colours means you can enjoy the practicality of a solid colour bag whilst still being able to add a personal touch to your accessories.


Like our other bags and accessories, all new solid colour bags are made using recycled plastic water bottles. By using recycled plastic, we're able to reduce plastic waste whilst ensuring our bags are water-resistant and rip-proof, guaranteeing their durability. When you purchase an Eco-Chic solid colour bag, you won't be standing in line to buy another one in a matter of weeks.

When it’s time to upgrade your bag

We pride ourselves on the longevity of our products. However, there are a few circumstances where buying a new bag might be necessary. For example, if you love your classic backpack in wild birds, but you're finding it clashes with your bright and bold outfits, you might want to invest in the same style but in a solid colour instead. As you're familiar with the bag, you know you'll enjoy using it. And it will fit a gap in your wardrobe, making it a necessary purchase. Alternatively, you might have a summer packed with outdoor adventures on the horizon. Lugging around your classic backpack isn't ideal, so why not invest in a small solid colour bum bag? As you have multiple occasions, and you're choosing a solid colour to match your style, you know you'll make the most out of this purchase.


At Eco Chic, we care about providing useful planet-friendly accessories to our customers, which is why we're so excited about this new product range. If you've never shopped with Eco Chic before, you can say goodbye to unreliable, harmful fashion accessories. And if you're a regular customer, you can invest in your favourite bag in a solid colour that's suitable for all areas of your life. If you're looking to make environmentally-friendly fashion choices, our solid colour bags are a great place to start.

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