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Your Must-Have Eco Travel Accessories

Whether you’re taking a long weekend in the south of France or camping at the local campsite, Eco Chic’s range of eco-friendly, stylish accessories is the travel accompaniment you need. At Eco Chic, we’re passionate about making practical products that don’t negatively impact the environment, and just so happen to look great too! In this blog post, we’re guiding you through a few of our most popular items for those embarking on a day out, a staycation, or a short trip.

Picnic blanket and cool bag for a picturesque lunchtime

You never know what beautiful locations you'll come across on your travels. And while the hustle and bustle of city life can be nice, and a fancy restaurant might tickle the taste buds, there is nothing like enjoying nature's gifts immersed in all her beauty. A picnic is always one of my favourite things to do when travelling.

Back Pack Cooler 

Pick up a selection of fruits, veggies, tasty pastries, and flavoursome juices and keep them fresh in a backpack cooler or large cooler bag. Once you've found the perfect spot to rest, lay out your picnic blanket and start snacking. Exploring new locations can be tiresome work, so make sure you have enough energy-providing treats for the whole family!

Mini umbrella and poncho for those unexpected April Showers

Unexpected rain can ruin your entire day. If you're staycationing in the UK, I highly recommend travelling with a mini umbrella. And even if you're travelling further afield, you could take the British weather with you, so always be prepared. My ultimate rainy day kit is an Eco-Chic mini umbrella and rain poncho. Even if the rain does dampen the day, the fun prints and patterns on these two must-have travel accessories never fail to boost my mood, and I promise they will for you too!

Thermal bottle for hydration

As I said, adventuring around new areas can be tiresome work. To keep your energy levels up, you'll need plenty of fluids. If you're out exploring all day long, or just popping to the shop to pick up some essentials, you don't know when thirst will strike. I recommend always having a full thermal water bottle inside your backpack or crossbody bag. Staying hydrated is even more important if you're going abroad and enjoying warmer climates!


Reusable coffee cup for that necessary caffeine hit

Yes, water is essential to have on hand. But sometimes your body can be crying out for a caffeine hit, especially if you've had an action-packed day! Keep your coffee warm using an Eco Chic reusable coffee cup. And if you're not a coffee person, tea and hot chocolate are ideal too!

 Thermal Coffee Cup

Pick a pattern that matches your cool bag and enjoy your time exploring, knowing you have all the food and drink you could possibly need.

Backpack for carrying your belongings

We've established everything you need to make your trip enjoyable. Although you're now fully equipped, you don't yet have a bag big enough to transport all these essential items. The good news is your thermal coffee cup, thermal water bottle, umbrella, poncho, and picnic blanket will all fit inside a matching Eco Chic classic backpack. And if you’re travelling light for one day, perhaps you’re leaving after your morning cuppa so don’t require your coffee cup, you can use a mini backpack instead. Mini backpacks are ideal for small trips out during your holiday or adventures in areas with close by amenities. Don’t forget to make sure your mini backpack and classic backpack are in your favourite Eco Chic design!

Bumbag for your hands-free adventures

I’m sure you’ll have a few days when you don’t require your full collection of Eco Chic accessories. You might need to be hands-free during a day out climbing, attending a festival, or at a theme park. On these exciting days, you can downsize and use an Eco Chic bum bag. Bum Bags are ideal for carrying your essentials and letting you enjoy the freedom of feeling lightweight and ready to explore.

 Bum Bag

There’s nothing worse than enjoying your day in nature when you suddenly feel dehydrated and tiresome. And as much as you enjoy pottering around little European cities, you can’t do it without your coffee cup in hand. Before you take your next trip or enjoy a day exploring, stock up on all the essentials. And make sure they’re eco-friendly with the help of Eco Chic.

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