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Reusable Face Covers

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Eco Chic Face Covers

Eco Chic Face Covering are designed to be comfortable, durable, and reduce the need for disposable face masks.

With a colourful polyester exterior and a soft cotton interior, these shaped masks fit snugly over the mouth and nose, preventing droplets when coughing or sneezing from entering the environment. The mask is secured with two adjustable ear loops, giving a secure fit and preventing glasses from fogging up.

For additional safety and hygienic, each cover is also equipped with pockets to hold additional filters (not included), as well as its own sanity bag.

We recommend our customers to wash before use at a 60 °C heat.

Eco Chic Filters are made from 5 layers of materials, which are 2 layers for Non-woven Fabric, 2 layers of Melt Brown Fabric, and in the middle is the Activated Carbon.

Our filters are tested to filter a minimum of 98% harmful particles in the air, including dust, seasonal allergies, smog, pollution, ash, garden pollen. For full test report click HERE.

  • * Size: 12 cm x 8 cm
    * Last for 12-16 hours, for the best result please replace it daily
    * Please do not reuse or wash the filter, this is a disposable filter
  • What material are your face masks made from?
  • The outer of our face coverings are made from tear-resistant, 100% recycled polyester (RPET). The inner fabric of our masks are made from 100% cotton. This makes our masks 100% eco-friendly and reduce the need for disposable face masks.
  • Are your face masks washable?
  • Yes, all of our face coverings are machine washable. This makes them both reusable and convenient, especially compared to other face mask products, which often require hand washing. We recommend that you wash your face masks at 60 °C, especially before wearing them for the first time.
  • Are they medical face masks?
  • No, our face covers are not classed as being medical-grade or PPE. This is a conscious and deliberate decision on our part, as the stocks of medical face masks need to be saved for those essential healthcare workers. Instead, we’ve chosen to produce everyday non-medical protective coverings. This will suit most people looking to comfortably cover their face during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Can I use filters with your masks?
  • All of our face coverings do include a filter pocket.
  • What is the size of the filter pocket?
  • The integrated pocket is designed to fit most filters in the market. The pocket in our masks is 150mm long. The pocket entrance height is 65mm, designed to fit a PM2.5 filter measuring 120mm x 80mm which won't be slipped out of the pocket after fitted.
  • How long will your reusable face masks last for?
  • Our reusable face covers will last approximately 100 washes in an everyday household washing machine. This means that they should be fine to wear for over a three-month period, if washed once a day.
  • Are reusable face masks sanitary?
  • Yes, as our face coverings are washable, they are safe to reuse. However, we recommend washing them after each use, especially before wearing for the first time.
  • Does our face masks come with nose wire?
    Masks supplied before 1st September does not come with nose wire. Any mini face cover supplies after 1st September 2020 come with nose wire.