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Your Eco-Friendly Bag Upgrade: Introducing Eco Chic’s New Solid Colour Bags

A high-quality bag is a must-have accessory. Whether you're popping to the shops, heading to work or just out and about, having a sturdy and secure bag to transport your belongings is essential. And at Eco Chic, we provide bags for all these situations and more. Read More

Plastic Pollution: Everything You Need To Know About One Of The Biggest Environmental Concerns

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats facing the planet. But how did our dependency on plastic become so toxic? In this blog post, we’re exploring how we became a nation dependent on plastic and what impact this has on now, and in our future. Read More

Everything you need to know about Eco Chic’s new solid colour cups and bottles

Searching for an eco-friendly way to hydrate or caffeinated? You’ll love our new solid colour cups and bottles

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How To Wear A Bum Bag

The bum bag never goes out of fashion. And right now, the trendy and practical bag is resurging as a modern-day must-have accessory. Everyone can benefit from the hands-free, lightweight, unique design of the bum bag. Read More

18 Eco-Friendly Changes You Can Make in 2022

Eco Chic is pleased to announce we've recycled and repurposed over two million plastic water bottles! Our eco-friendly fashion accessories give plastic a second life, stopping it going to landfills and polluting our oceans. Read More

8 Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Black Friday

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means Black Friday is just a few days away. This year, the Eco Chic team is transforming the consumerist (and traditionally environmentally harmful) holiday into an opportunity to reform our shopping habits. Read More

Countdown to Christmas: How to prepare for the best Christmas Possible

The Christmas countdown has officially begun. In just over a month, we'll be carving the turkey, unwrapping presents, and picking all the best flavours out of the Chocolate tin! But...

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Thinking Outside The Plastic Bottle

The impact of plastic bottles on marine life and the future of humanity In this blog post, we're sharing the environmental impact of plastic bottles and what you can do...

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7 Benefits Of A Thermal Coffee Cup

Hot drinks are an essential part of the cold months. Whether you’re enjoying a hot chocolate whilst Christmas shopping or trying to pep yourself up before work with a coffee, there’s rarely a moment in winter when you’re not drinking a warm drink. Having a thermal coffee cup makes your hot beverage habits cheaper, Read More
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