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How to make a perfect picnic?

Now summer is here we begin to think of dining outdoors, being outside in the garden, at the beach or in the park.

Going for a picnic is a great way to spend time outdoors in the warm weather picking up vital vitamin “D” with family and friends.

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We’re Passionate About Doing Our Bit To Protect The Planet

At Eco Chic, we're on a mission. We want to help as many people as possible minimise the carbon footprint of their daily essentials and live a life of low impact. And we believe that small changes are the way to get there. If one hundred people say no to single-use coffee cups and purchase one reusable cup instead, we can drastically reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic and paper. Imagine what this would mean on a larger scale. If thousands, even millions of people waved goodbye to single-use items and welcomed eco-friendly, purposeful accessories into their lives instead. We get excited just thinking about it! Plus, our products are super cute and stylish, if we say so ourselves! Bright, bold and eco-friendly is the Eco Chic way, and we know it's yours too! Read More

Your Must-Have Eco Travel Accessories

Whether you’re taking a long weekend in the south of France or camping at the local campsite, Eco Chic’s range of eco-friendly, stylish accessories is the travel accompaniment you need. At Eco Chic, we’re passionate about making practical products that don’t negatively impact the environment, and just so happen to look great too! In this blog post, we’re guiding you through a few of our most popular items for those embarking on a day out, a staycation, or a short trip. Read More

4 Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts For 2022

What do you get to the one person who means most to you? It feels like an impossible task, doesn't it? And it's even harder when you want your gift...

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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In An Eco-Friendly Way

Looking for a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day that doesn’t harm the environment? We’re sharing 5 eco-friendly ways to celebrate your favourite romantic holiday. Read More

Your Eco-Friendly Bag Upgrade: Introducing Eco Chic’s New Solid Colour Bags

A high-quality bag is a must-have accessory. Whether you're popping to the shops, heading to work or just out and about, having a sturdy and secure bag to transport your belongings is essential. And at Eco Chic, we provide bags for all these situations and more. Read More

Plastic Pollution: Everything You Need To Know About One Of The Biggest Environmental Concerns

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats facing the planet. But how did our dependency on plastic become so toxic? In this blog post, we’re exploring how we became a nation dependent on plastic and what impact this has on now, and in our future. Read More

Everything you need to know about Eco Chic’s new solid colour cups and bottles

Searching for an eco-friendly way to hydrate or caffeinated? You’ll love our new solid colour cups and bottles

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How To Wear A Bum Bag

The bum bag never goes out of fashion. And right now, the trendy and practical bag is resurging as a modern-day must-have accessory. Everyone can benefit from the hands-free, lightweight, unique design of the bum bag. Read More
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