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We want to change the world, together. We believe that everyone must play their part if our society is going to rise up and adapt to the challenges of climate change.

Our goal is therefore simple. Every time our customers choose our products – we want that choice to benefit our planet – and take us one step closer to a better world.

Let’s Change It Together

Eco Chic Range

Our mission:

We create fun, practical, and long-lasting pieces from recycled or sustainable materials. Designed to go against waste culture and committed to drive change that benefits people and the planet.

Our Purpose:

To establish place of work where our co-workers can work to their heart's content and be aware of our mission to the society

To apply advanced technology to the life of the general public

Our journey so far:

Struggling to find lifestyle pieces that were sustainable, durable, and eye-catching, that’s where the idea of Eco – Chic came about, and we’ve never looked back! We had a dream of creating a lifestyle brand that bought on a positive change for the world – not only for ourselves, but for the beautiful diversity of animal and plant life that has taken millions of years to stand by our side.

No one business can do everything. So, we decided to make our stand against the overuse of plastic products. Yes, it costs more to recycle in the short term. But reusing old materials and finding sustainable alternatives makes sense when it comes to preserving our beautiful planet.

Created way back in 2004, from just a stall in Camden, we’re proud to say our pieces are now in over 1000 retail shops in UK and Europe.

We have made it our mission on how we can do more for the planet – and make what we’re already doing, better. From adopting new manufacturing technologies, to ensuring that we’re using the most environmentally friendly transport techniques, we continually audit the business to ensure that we’re coming good on our promises.

Since the very beginning, lots of you have joined us on our mission, and in 2020 we helped recycle over 1 million plastic bottles.

How our Fabric is made

Eco Chic Recycled Plastic Bottle Process

The next part of our journey is to save 10 million plastic bottles from the landfill and ocean by end of 2025.

10 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year

Less than 9% of all plastic gets recycled…

We are for fighting against throw away culture and continuously look for innovative ways on how we can make a positive influence in the apparel industry and for the planet.

Currently, we produce our bags from 6 recycled bottles, coffee cups from bamboo and stopped using plastic packaging (except face coverings for hygiene reasons) and all of our other pieces use sustainable materials.

We’re saving waste to create stunning products for you, that can be reused for the long run.

We hope you can join us on our journey, and we can all create change together

Together, if we all start making small steps, it can help make a difference in tackling our waste problem around the world. We hope you can join us on our journey and help make a positive impact!

Change What We Do
Change Our World

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