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We’re Passionate About Doing Our Bit To Protect The Planet

At Eco Chic, we're on a mission. We want to help as many people as possible minimise the carbon footprint of their daily essentials and live a life of low impact. And we believe that small changes are the way to get there. If one hundred people say no to single-use coffee cups and purchase one reusable cup instead, we can drastically reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic and paper. Imagine what this would mean on a larger scale. If thousands, even millions of people waved goodbye to single-use items and welcomed eco-friendly, purposeful accessories into their lives instead. We get excited just thinking about it! Plus, our products are super cute and stylish, if we say so ourselves! Bright, bold and eco-friendly is the Eco Chic way, and we know it's yours too!

The Eco Chic mission

Eco Chic believes everyday people have the power to make positive changes. We feel that if everyone does their bit to protect the planet, we can create collective, tangible change.


It's no secret that the Earth can't cope under the weight of our current lifestyle. Pollution levels are rising. Our oceans are full of waste. And climate change poses a real risk to the lives of humanity and other living creatures. I’m sure you’re familiar with Catherine McKenna’s estimation that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. It’s a scary statistic, but it’s the reality of the world we live in. The time for change is now.


As a business, we believe we have a duty to serve people in a way that aligns with our eco-friendly ethos. We create stylish products people can use every day that also have a positive environmental impact compared to others on the market. Yes, you can pick up a backpack from other online retailers. However, this backpack won’t be created using four recycled plastic bottles, it won’t have guaranteed durability, and it won’t be in one of Eco Chic’s fun signature prints.

Filling a gap in the market

After assessing other environmentally friendly brands on the market, we noticed the majority of Earth-conscious fashion accessories are bland, boring, and usually beige. We knew that this minimalist aesthetic wasn’t going to attract everyone; it was leaving a significant portion of the market out. When we created Eco Chic, we decided to make being Eco Friendly accessible and enjoyable for those who love bright, bold, and colourful fashion. We knew saving the planet didn’t have to be boring!

The impact we’re having

In an industry where greenwashing is rife, we understand the need for statistic based evidence in our marketing. As an ethical brand, we prioritise transparency over everything else. We want to save the planet, just like you do, which is why we always vow to be honest about our products and manufacturing. As of 2022, we have repurposed 1 million plastic bottles! And while we're immensely proud of this number, our work isn't done yet. By 2025, we want to save 10 million plastic bottles from going to landfills and ending up in the ocean.


Eco-Friendly manufacturing relies largely on innovation; we must learn how to create the products we love using methods and materials that don't harm the environment. Eco Chic does this in numerous ways. We ditched traditional materials and decided to create bags using recycled plastic. Instead of using plastic and metal in our reusable coffee cups, we turned to bamboo, one of the World's most sustainable materials! As our business keeps growing and expanding, we will continue to focus on ways to create popular lifestyle products with a positive impact.

Playing your part

One final thing, we want to thank you for shopping, sharing, and supporting Eco Chic. We couldn't have made the immense impact we have without your help. We hope you'll continue to support our business and its eco-friendly mission. The Eco Chic team encourages you to continue your eco-friendly journey alongside us. Consider the small ways you can transition your lifestyle to protect the planet. You might switch from a plastic water bottle to an Eco-Chic thermal bottle, or you might decide to bring lunch from home rather than eating out. Actions may seem small, but we promise you they can have a monumental impact– the Eco Chic brand is proof of this.


To learn more about Eco Chic and our eco-friendly mission, click here.

If you’re ready to swap to eco-friendly accessories, you can browse our range of planet-pleasing pieces here.

And if you’re searching for help, guidance, and support on your eco journey, you can connect with us on our blog or Instagram.
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